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The EEA Grants funded CLOSER project intends to facilitate the recovery at the end-of-life stage of building materials to move towards a circular building sector. Within this scope, the creation of a voluntary CLOSER General Stakeholder Network (GSN) that allows its input and cooperation will be essential for the success of the CLOSER project.

The General Stakeholder Network is open to all stakeholders associated with the building and construction industry, interested in exchanging ideas and knowledge and discussing the needs concerning the recuperation of materials from construction and demolition waste (CDW). The CLOSER project aims to include all actors in our Stakeholder Network: i) producers / suppliers of building materials and installations; ii) construction and installation firms; iii) developers / property owners / facility managers; iv) architects / engineers / advisers; v) logistics managers; vi) real estate consultants and building owners; vii) recycling and deconstruction companies; viii) waste management operators; ix) policy makers; x) researchers.

The Stakeholder Network will take part in surveys as well as in workshops occurring during the development of the CLOSER.
We thank in advance all participants in our General Stakeholder Network.
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