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Did you know that CDW represents 35% of waste production in Europe? Did you know that in Portugal (data from 2016) only about 30% of public works incorporate at least 5% of recycled RCD materials? Did you know that in Europe (2018) 10.6% of recycled aggregates were used and in Portugal only 0.5%? A question then arises to answer: How to reverse and improve this situation?

The CLOSER Project, promoted by LNEC and having APA and IMPIC as partners, aims to develop a national guide for carrying out preliminary audits on the demolition and renovation of buildings and to present solutions for recovering the materials present. The real benefits of this project include minimizing the hazardousness of secondary materials, as well as promoting reuse and improving the quality of recycled materials.

The CLOSER Project focuses on the end-of-luife stage of materials and their future reintroduction into the economy, helping to getting closer to the ideal recovery of materials by closing its life cycle. It should be emphasised that the CLOSER Project contributes to the application of the principles established in the New Circular Economy Action Plan and that the combination of its outcomes with the implementation of initiatives in the ecological design of the materials, and in the stages of use and maintenance of these materials in buildings is an important asset for the construction sector sustainability.

The CLOSER Project thus plays an important role in the transition to more energy efficient buildings foreseen in the European Ecological Pact (European Green Deals) and towards an ambition of zero pollution for an environment free of toxic substances foreseen also in this policy of growth for the EU.

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